Press Coverage

Press Coverage

* June 13, 2016: Entrepreneur Magazine article: "If you push hard nonstop, you will not become superhuman. You will burn out."

* November 27, 2015: CBS Television show "The Doctors"

* November 9, 2015: Q&A about my new book, Daunted Courage

* October 31, 2015: Afar Magazine - book review of Daunted Courage

* October 30, 2015: The Chive
* October 29, 2015: Runner's World

* October 28, 2015: Huffington Post "First Blind Runner to Ascend Inca Trail Nonstop to Machu Picchu"

* October 26, 2015: Yahoo! Travel

* October 25, 2015: BBC Radio

* October 25, 2015: The Denver Post

* October 23, 2015: BuzzFeed

* October 21, 2015: Trail Runner Magazine

* October 20, 2015: Outside Magazine

* April 25, 2015: Courrier Japon interview (Japanese)

* April 15, 2015: NBC News story about Dan Berlin returning to Boston two years after the marathon bombing. I served as one of Dan's guides in the 2015 Boston Marathon:


* February 14, 2015: Yomiuri Shimbun article about Japanese version of "Rising Son: A Father and Son's Bike Adventure Across Japan" (Japanese)

* January 28, 2015: CycleSports Magazine book review (Japanese)

* January 23, 2015: Japion Newspaper book review (Japanese)

* January 22, 2015: FunRide Magazine book review (Japanese)

* January 18, 2015: Nikkei Shimbun Newspaper article about Japanese version of "Rising Son: A Father and Son's Bike Adventure Across Japan"

* December 8, 2014: Kinokuniya announcement of the Japanese edition of Charles Scott's book, "Rising Son: A Father and Son's Bike Adventure Across Japan" and upcoming book signing event in Tokyo

* November 18, 2014: Trail Runner Magazine, "How a Bind Athlete Ran the Grand Canyon Double Traverse"

* November 13, 2014: well + GOOD, "Running the Grand Canyon Blind"

* November 9, 2014: CBS Evening News, "Blind man conquers the Grand Canyon"

* November 7, 2014: mamalode, "Five Lessons I Learned Guiding the First Blind Runner Across the Grand Canyon" by Alison Qualter-Berna

* November 4, 2014: The Denver Post, "Rim to Rim to Rim: a vision of teamwork"

* October 29, 2014: Adventure Journal, "10 Questions: Blind Runner Dan Berlin on Completing the Rim to Rim to Rim"

* October 28, 2014: FOX News Health article, "Blind Runner Crosses Grand Canyon and Back in 28 Hours"

* October 25, 2014: FOX News television interview by Julie Banderas

* October 16, 2014: Colorado and Company TV News interview

* October 9, 2014: The Coloradoan Newspaper, "Blind Runner makes history with run across Grand Canyon"

* October 9, 2014: Colorado Springs Gazette, "Blind Colorado runner makes Grand Canyon history"

* October 9, 2014: KAFF Radio interview

* October 7, 2014: Outside Magazine article, "The First Blind Athlete to Run Rim to Rim to Rim"

* October 1, 2014: New York Family Magazine, "Finding Myself on the Edge" by Alison Qualter-Berna

* July 5, 2014: TV news story on CNY Central, the local NBC affiliate in Syracuse, NY: "Manhattan Family Bikes across New York to Help Save Wildlife"

* July 3, 2014: "Family Cycles Across The State"

* May 24, 2014: "Big wheels at Ciclismo Classico Bike Travel Film Festival"

* April 2014: "How to Cycle Japan with an 8-year-old" published by Japan.Inc

* April 2014: Spider Magazine article, "A Young Hero's Odyssey," about my son, Sho, cycling the length of Japan when he was eight year old

* February 24, 2014: A Word on Words interview posted on YouTube

* February 21, 2014: The Tennessean newspaper article about presentation at the Adventure Science Center in Nashville, TN

* February 5, 2014: Parents Magazine review of Dad 2.0 Talk

"Most riveting was the Family Adventure Guy, Charles Scott..."

* February 1, 2014: Lazy Dad's Guide, Dad 2.0 Summit Day 1 Recap
"Charles Scott gave what was my favorite presentation of the day."

* December 17, 2013: Podcast interview on NYC Dads Group

* November 21, 2013: National Geographic Explorer's Journal
"Riding the Lewis & Clark Trail in Search of Roadkill"

* November 17, 2013: UN Climate Hero profile in the Dutch magazine DMorgen, with focus on UN climate change negotiations

* August 26, 2013: Podcast interview on "The Pursuit Zone"

* August 25, 2013: Nashville Public Television - Interview on “A Word on Words,” hosted by John Seigenthaler.  Podcast on iTunes/word on words/Charles Scott and archived on Also available on YouTube.  


* August 20, 2013: Adventure Cycling Association blog - "Undaunted Kids"

* August 16, 2013: Lewiston Tribune - "Daunting Bicycle Trip of Discovery"

* August 14, 2013: InsideHook - "The dad every dad wants to be."

* August 4, 2013: New York Times interview in Sunday Travel section

* August 1, 2013: BikeBlogNYC post

* August 2013: The Trail Companion article (Lewis & Clark Newsletter)

* July 23, 2013: Great Falls Tribune article and video about Lewis & Clark bike ride.

* July 22, 2013: The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University published an article about our Lewis & Clark ride on their Admissions blog.

* July 2013: Compass Magazine's "When in Roam" podcast

* June 27, 2013: Outside Magazine interviewed me to come up with 10 tips for bike touring with kids

* June 27, 2013: The makers of "CAPITAL C," the first documentary about the crowd revolution interviewed me about my kickstarter project

* June 24, 2013:  Our family adventures were hilariously eviscerated by Bike Snob NYC.  Look at bottom half of the snarky, profanity-laced blog.

* June 11, 2013: Chosen as one of "New York City's Coolest Dads"

* June 3, 2013: New York Family Magazine book review
"The Father-Son Ride Of A Lifetime"
Quote: "A good adventure will always bring a family closer, and perhaps no one knows this better than Charles Scott."

* May 10, 2013: TIME For Kids Magazine
"A Summer of Adventure"

* May 6, 2013: New York Family Magazine interview
"A Father-Son Bike Ride to the Extreme"
Quote: “Not only is it a compelling read about a father and son becoming a team, it’s a story filled with astute parenting insights.”

* May 2013: Chopsticks NY Magazine
"Japan on Wheels"

* April 17, 2013: Reboot Your Life
"Reboot Recommends -- Tales from a Family Adventurer"

* April 16, 2013: Butterfly Diary Magazine
"Climate Heroes: Biking Around the World with Kids"

* March 31, 2013: FM Yokohama, “Gifts around the World” (in Japanese)

* March 29, 2013: Time Out New York Kids
"Family Portrait: Adventurer-author Charles R Scott and His Family"
Quote: "Devoted dad and adventurer Charles R. Scott talks about his book Rising Son, his family's next bike trip, and why he left a plum job for an even better one."

* March 16, 2013:
Book Review: Rising Son, an adventure not unlike RVing - but a lot more arduous
Quote: "This is a totally enjoyable story... not a dry documentary of this exceptional trip, but a joyful collection of conversations."

* February 25, 2013: My Mom Shops
"Rising Son: Lessons about Travel & Life"
Quote: "One of the most interesting parent/child travelogues you'll ever read."

* February 25, 2013: A Traveler's Library
"A Father and Son Bike Across Japan"
Quote: "I only wish that all authors who want to self-publish wrote as well and were as professional in their presentation."

* February 3, 2013: Tennessean newspaper interview
"Ride of a Lifetime"

* January 28, 2013: Japan Culture NYC
"Rising Son Chronicles 2,500-mile Bike Ride Through Japan"
Quote: "[Sho] was almost nonchalant about his epic accomplishment."

* December 23, 2012: Mom Talk Radio
"Keeping Busy During Winter Break" Listen now

* December 21, 2012: CFAX 1070AM "Real Parenting"
"Do Children Need More Discomfort?"

* December 12, 2012: Bicycle World book signing
"Charles and Sho Scott sign their new book, Rising Son"
Quote: "Almost all cyclists can identify with the concept of perseverance to some degree, and it's impressive that Sho learned this lesson at only 8 years of age."

* December 11, 2012: The Examiner News (p. 22)
"Father-Son Bonding: By Bike Across Japan"
Quote: "[Charles] hopes people are encouraged to "unshackle themselves" and dare to do things that might be considered out of the ordinary."

* November 16, 2012: Parenting Magazine interview
Quote: "Some family vacations are bigger and more adventuresome than others."

* June 5, 2012: Featured by United Nations as "Expert of the Day" on World Environment Day

* September 7, 2012: We Don't Even Know podcast

* September 2011: Our Planet Magazine

* June 2012: Kiplinger's Personal Finance
Quote: "If "very aspirational and a little bit crazy" sounds like the kind of sabbatical you'd love, take a cue from Charles Scott."

* June/Sep 2011: InterFM radio station in Tokyo, Japan (in Japanese)
Two interviews about the Japan and Iceland family adventures

* June 30, 2011: MBL (Icelandic newspaper)

* June 2011: BizMode Magazine (China)

* February 2010: Japan National Tourism Organization
"A Father and Son's Bike Adventure Across Japan"

* December 2010: Adventure Cycling Association newsletter

* June - August 2009: TV Japan aired 5 news segments, covering the trip across Japan from start to finish

* August 2009: Yomiuri Shimbun Newspaper (Japan)

* July 2009: Local Newspapers in Japan

* June 13, 2009: Express Newspaper (India)

* May 27, 2009: Asahi Shimbun Newspaper (Japan)
Op/ed by Achim Steiner, Executive Director of United Nations Environment Programme
English version.  Japanese version.

* May 2009: BizMode Magazine (China)

* May 2009: Al-Bia Wal-Tanmia (Beirut, Lebanon)
Pan-Arab environment and nature magazine, distributed in 22 countries 

* March 2009: Designation as United Nations Climate Heroes