Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lewis & Clark Trip Party!

What do you do after returning from cycling with your kids for 1,700 miles over two months?  You throw a party!  My wife Eiko organized a celebration of our Lewis & Clark trip that included people from all facets of our lives: old friends, our kids’ classmates and teachers, our work colleagues, exercise partners, etc.  About 50 people showed up.  We gave our supporters a big thank you, and I told the group how lucky I am to have a wife like Eiko who supports and participates in these quirky family adventures. 

We showed pictures taken by Sho (age 12) and Saya (age 6) during the ride, a few of which I’ve included below, along with one of Saya’s funky, motion sickness-inducing videos from the bike saddle that had everyone laughing.  Some people worried that Saya would get bored spending so many hours on a bike each day, but she has an active imagination that can turn even the most boring experience into crazy fun silliness.


Sho's nature pics, which reminded me that the more time kids spend in nature, the more connected they feel and the more they want to protect the wilderness that remains:

Full moon seen from our tent

Columbia River Gorge

Bald eagle nest on the water, near Seaside, Oregon

Saya's pics:
Hello World, it's me

Saya's view from the trailer cycle

Saya's favorite horse of many she saw on this trip

Putting on sunblock on one of many very hot days

Pics from the party:
Sydney Berna and Saya having fun

Sho talking with his tap teacher, Thommie Retter

Telling stories.  Sho was there to keep me honest.

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