Saturday, February 15, 2014

Team Zoey Spin-a-thon Thank You

I'm grateful to everyone who supported the Team Zoey spin-a-thon.  I surpassed my personal $1,500 fund raising target, because of the generosity of many of you.  Thank you thank you!  The event raised nearly $40,000 to fund research to treat and cure the fatal rapid-aging disease Progeria.  

The spin-a-thon took place at the YMCA in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey in a room that held about 40 bikes.  Over a period of 4 hours, a new instructor and group of riders came in every 30 minutes, cranking on the bikes to some seriously rockin' music.  My friends Alison Berna (who wrote a beautiful description of the event here), Karen Carolonza, and I pedaled for the entire 4 hours.  Riding a spin bike for that long is physically challenging, but it wasn't the brutal slog you might imagine.  In fact, the experience felt pretty much like going to a party and getting really sweaty.  Kinda like what I used to do every weekend in college...  

Zoey, the young girl we were all riding for, showed up and cheered us on.  Here are some pics:

Alison Berna, Karen Carolonza and Barbara Batesko (the amazing organizer of the event)

Me, about 2 hours into the ride

Celebrating 4 hours of spinning with Karen and the very flexible Alison

Alison and I with Zoey

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  1. That's totally awesome. Brings tears to my eyes to think of those little kids who suffer. And....I am so jealous of Allison's flexibility, as I am the complete opposite! - Pam Ganger