Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Outdoor Families Magazine recently published a Q&A with me about my new book, Daunted Courage: A Family's Bicycle Adventure on the Lewis & Clark Trail. Here are a few teasers. Read the article to find out the rest of each sentence!

"Whenever we were struggling - with extreme temperatures, major storms and epic climbs over the Rocky Mountains, for example - we told each other..."

"I think the most important gifts a parent can give a child are..."

"I also wanted to teach my kids that life is about..."

"As a father, obviously my most important role is to keep my children safe. And while many people supported our journey, others questioned my judgment. One guy who heard about our plans sent me an angry e-mail that ended with..."

"Discomfort is the birthplace of..." (Anyone who has heard one of my talks will know this one!)

The article ends with this piece of advice:
"If you're intrigued by something you want to try but you're intimidated, you're probably..."

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