Friday, January 17, 2014

Casio Photo Shoot on Bear Mountain

The watchmaker Casio recently selected me to be a Pro Trek Adventurer.  I wore their Pro Trek watch while cycling 1700 miles of the Lewis & Clark Trail with my kids this past summer.  It's a cool watch that displays info on altitude, compass, temperature, sunrise/sunset, barometric pressure, etc.  The barometric pressure reading was particularly useful on our trip, because I could predict when bad weather was coming.  

Casio will make a few videos about me.  Here are pics from a photo shoot we did in Bear Mountain yesterday, about 45 miles up the Hudson River from NYC.  Pretty cold, but Bear Mountain is gorgeous, and I felt privileged to spend all day there.  We saw an eagle circling overhead and beaver swimming in a lake that was partially covered with ice.  Made me cold just to watch them.  

I kept warm by running on trails while the three photographers, Alex, Lauren and Larson, staked out interesting angles for their shots.

Here are some pics:

Cycling while being filmed from the back of a car

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