Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dad 2.0 Summit

On January 31, I'll give a talk at the Dad 2.0 Summit in New Orleans, an annual conference that celebrates men who take an active role in parenting.  This is a subject dear to my heart, and I can't wait to go.  

I've completed my presentation, and thought I'd share a few teasers.  Here are six partial lines from the talk.  Can you guess how I finish them?

1. Describing my thoughts just before my first child was born:
  "I genuinely did not know how to be a father and, at moments of weakness, I looked in the mirror and said..."

2. On turning 40:
  "When I turned 40, I decided to make a list of life goals.  I might have written, 'Make VP at Intel' or 'Manage a group with over 1,000 people.'  But instead, at the top of the list I surprised myself by writing..."

3. On trying to convince Intel to let me take off 2 months to cycle the length of Japan with my 8-year-old son:
  "My boss said that taking time off to ride bikes with my kid didn't seem like a good career move.  I said..."

4. "Too many people go through life dissatisfied, knowing that they should make a change, but are afraid to.  If you feel a nudge, it means you need to..."

5. "We all grew up with adults telling us what we cannot do.  Some of that was good advice designed to keep us from getting hurt, but I suspect that a lot of that advice was..."

6. "Our society would be greatly improved if more men..."

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