Friday, October 9, 2015

Daunted Courage, First Blind Runner Nonstop to Machu Picchu, and Scott Jurek!

Daunted Courage:
Thank you to everyone who came out to the Daunted Courage book reading! What a great turnout, and I loved the energy in the room. Special thanks to Affinia Hotels, especially Jess Parker, for hosting the event. I’ve posted some photos below.

My 8-year-old daughter Saya decided to steal the show. At one point, as I was reading excerpts from the book, she sat on the stool beside me making faces and copying my gestures in a silly, exaggerated way. Yes, she was disruptive, but I love that girl and her feisty personality.

Machu Picchu:
I’m flying to Peru today as part of Team See Possibilities. Made up of the blind runner Dan Berlin and his three guides (Alison Qualter Berna, Brad Graff and I), we take on major endurance challenges around the world linked to charitable causes. After successfully guiding Dan Berlin last year to become the first blind runner to cross the Grand Canyon rim to rim to rim nonstop, our next challenge is Machu Picchu! Typically a four-day hike, we’re going to attempt to climb the Inca Trail to the historic site of Machu Picchu nonstop in less than a day. If successful, it will be the first time a blind person has accomplished that feat.

We’re sponsored by Intrepid Travel, UNICEF, Smart Wool, and Altra Running, and we’re raising money for the Blind Institute of Technology, which teaches companies how to integrate vision-impaired employees. Intrepid – an innovative travel company that focuses on experiential travel – is handling our on-the-ground logistics and costs, and embedding a videographer to capture footage of our trek. UNICEF has arranged for us to meet with vision-impaired students at a school in Lima and with government officials working on behalf of children with disabilities.

We’re also being supported by the renowned ultra runner Scott Jurek. Most people learned about Scott in the best selling book Born to Run, which describes Scott’s many remarkable exploits. He’s one of the greatest ultra runners ever and also a very cool person. Here's a photo of Scott and Dan on a recent training run.

And here are pics from the Daunted Courage book reading:


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