Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 35 Daunted Courage, August 3, 2013

Check out the Sunday Travel section of The New York Times tomorrow (Aug 4) for an interview with me about our Lewis & Clark trip.  You can also read it online here.

After our tiring passage over the Bitterroot Mountains, we decided to take a rest day in the pleasant town of Salmon, Idaho.  We rafted down the Salmon River below rocky, towering bluffs and spotted bald eagles and ospreys in the trees along the shore.  We also visited the Sacagawea Center, a well laid out facility with insightful information on the Shoshone Tribe.  The most surprising fact I learned was that Sacagawea’s brother, the chief of the Shoshone Indians who provided Lewis & Clark with horses and a guide over the Rockies, was not named Cameahwait.  In the Shoshone language, “Cameahwait” means “I won’t go.”  The Corps of Discovery thought he was repeating his name, when he was actually saying that he would not accompany them over the mountains.  No one knows his real name.

We may not have cell phone/Internet access for much of the next two days.  We leave Salmon tomorrow and will cycle over the Lost Trail Pass.  We plan to sleep at the pass the evening of Aug 5.  I will update this blog as soon as I can get an Internet connection.

Here are some pics:
Saya on the Salmon River

Sho paddling

Sho and Saya at the Sacagawea Center in Salmon, ID

With Saya in the Sacagawea Center

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  1. Maddie, Sydney and AlisonAugust 4, 2013 at 9:51 PM

    good luck in the coming days! more grueling mountains...we have no doubt you can do it. maddie wanted to say that she loves the newest sacajewea fact, her name is the opposite of Cameahwait. we love Idaho and hope you enjoy your days there!