Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day 8: NYC to Niagara Falls

July 1, 2014

Today was a short day of riding bookended by press interviews and the World Cup.  A photographer from the Times Union Newspaper in Albany took photos of us in the morning for an article that will appear in this Thursday's edition.  Not all of the photos were of us on bikes:    

The temperature was hot, but we enjoyed a fair amount of shade on the luxuriously car-free Erie Canal trail.

At one trail intersection, someone had spray painted "Dead End" on the pavement.  We decided to call his bluff and ride ahead anyway.  

Sure enough, a mile later, the trail ended, and we had to re-trace our steps and find another route.

We stopped for lunch in the town of Amsterdam and decided to stay there the rest of the day.  The next leg of our ride will not include any large towns, and we speculated that Amsterdam offered our last best chance to watch the U.S. vs. Belgium World Cup soccer game that started at 4 p.m.  We used the down time before the game to conduct a 2-hour phone interview with the Times Union Newspaper reporter.  The U.S. loss was heartbreaking but sure was exciting.  

We got a room in a local motel, where we ate sandwiches from a mini mart.  A thunderstorm moved in as the sun set, putting on a show more interesting than anything we might have watched on TV.

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