Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Days 20 - 22: NYC to Niagara Falls

July 15, 2014

Two days ago, my wife Eiko drove up to Niagara Falls from NYC to stay with Sho and Saya while I drove to Whippany, NJ to give a speech at a conference.  After weeks of cycling, it felt strange to be in a car, separated from the passing terrain and animals in my protected capsule. I appreciate the efficient travel, but I missed the sense of connection that comes from seeing the world from a bike saddle.

On my drive, I stopped by the EconoLodge in Syracuse to pick up Eiko's bicycle, which we stored a week ago.  Eiko had cycled with us from NYC to Syracuse from June 24 to July 5, then took a train back home to return to work.  The train didn't allow bicycles, so we stored hers to pick up later.  Here's a picture of Chirag, the manager at the motel who kindly let us keep Eiko's bicycle there.  

I gave a keynote at the Public Relations & Communications Summit at Bayer's headquarters in Whippany, NJ.  

My speech was entitled, "Being Adventurous!" and I encouraged the audience to challenge their limits, using anecdotes from the cycling trips I've taken around the world with my kids.  I also told them about my plans to guide Dan Berlin, who lost his vision to cone rod dystrophy, on a 46-mile run across the Grand Canyon.  I'm inspired by people like Dan, who don't give up in the face of adversity.  Here are pics with Karen Carolonza and Bryon Main, the awesome people who organized the conference:

After the conference, I returned to Niagara Falls, where we said goodbye to Eiko.  

Sho, Saya and I resume cycling tomorrow (Wed, July 16).  Here are some farewell photos from the Falls:

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