Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 23 Daunted Courage, July 22, 2013

Saya’s (age 6) quote of the day: After cycling by the local water park, Saya said, “Great Falls is great.  I want to live here.” 

We spent the day enjoying the lovely town of Great Falls, Montana.  Our kind host John Nelson drove us to the site of Lewis & Clark’s upper portage camp, where they rested in the summer of 1805 during a 17-day portage around the great falls.  We didn’t have to deal with the constant grizzly bear attacks they did, but Sho and Saya agreed that the “very troublesom mosquetos” remain a nuisance over 200 years later.

Later in the morning, we spent a couple hours at the superb Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center, meeting with the executive director Lindy Hatcher, who plans to include a write-up about our trip in their next newsletter.  We have visited many Lewis & Clark sites over the past month and were impressed by the quality of the center in Great Falls.  It’s a must-see for visitors.  And getting there by cycling on the bike path along the gorgeous Missouri River was nearly as stimulating as the center itself.  While at the center, we were interviewed by Karl Puckett, a reporter from the Great Falls Tribune.  I’ll send around a link to his article when it goes live. 

Sho, Saya and I ate dinner in town with our hosts Terri and John, Lindy Hatcher, and several others associated with the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center, including Barb and Rennie Kubik.  Barb is an historian with detailed knowledge about Lewis & Clark’s expedition, and she gave us tips on places to visit on the rest of our journey.  Her husband Rennie let us know about a kite festival that will be going on at the beach when we reach the Pacific Ocean at the end of August.  It’s hard to imagine being on the beach and looking at those kites with Sho and Saya.  There is so much to come between now and then…

We ended the day by making and eating homemade ice cream with Terri and John.  We could not have had kinder hosts for our stay in Great Falls. 

Here are some pics:
Sho and Saya with John Nelson at Lewis & Clark's upper portage camp

Sho, Saya and I with Lindy Hatcher, Exec Dir of the L&C Interpretive Center

Sho being interviewed by Great Falls Tribune's Karl Puckett
Sho beside the Missouri River in Great Falls, MT

Tonight's "supermoon," aka a perigee full moon, at its closest point to earth in its monthly orbit

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