Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 5 Daunted Courage, July 4, 2013

Progress to Date (in red):

Day 5 Route: Chamberlain to Pierre, South Dakota

Sites Visited: 
 - Lewis & Clark Info Center (Chamberlain, SD) - we returned for a brief second visit
 - Akta Lakota Museum (Chamberlain, SD)
 - Ft. Pierre 4th of July Wildcard Rodeo 

Eiko leaves us tomorrow to return to her job at the United Nations in NYC.  We'll all miss her and can't wait until we are reunited in Oregon at the end of August.  Sho, Saya and I will rent a U-Haul truck tomorrow and continue to Bismarck and Williston, ND over the next 2 days before finally switching to bicycles.  It will feel good to pedal instead of drive.

Saya giving herself a tattoo

Sho and Saya at the L&C Info Center in Chamberlain

Outside the Akta Lakota Museum

Pool fun with Sho and Saya

Program for the rodeo.  Sho was smitten!

Cowboy at the rodeo.  My goodness, they are tough...

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