Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 28 Daunted Courage, July 27, 2013

Route: Helena to Townsend, MT

Using the vernacular common to my kids’ generation, I would describe today’s ride as “pretty suckish.”  We cycled from Helena to Townsend, MT on Highway 12/287, following a route suggested by the Adventure Cycling Association.  Many of the highways we’ve ridden on so far in Montana have been lightly trafficked and pass through gorgeous countryside.  Today’s route had some pleasant views, especially of Canyon Ferry Lake, but we were hemmed in to a sometimes narrow shoulder bumping over the rumble strips and passed by a constant stream of vehicles.  We were perfectly safe, but the noise of the traffic took a lot away from the experience.

Along the way, we came across two cyclists from Portland, OR coming the opposite direction.  We chatted with them for a few minutes, comparing notes and sharing stories from our rides.  They will reach Portland around the same time we do in late August, so we may well see one another again.

A rain storm moved in as we arrived in Townsend.  We took shelter in a restaurant, where I am writing this blog.  I decided to post it now (7 p.m. on July 27), because we are about to cycle out to a campsite and set up our tent in the rain.  I won’t have an Internet connection again until tomorrow, so look for an update on our night in tomorrow's blog.  It may be a little soggy.

Here are some pics: 
Saya taking a break

Crosses where people have died in car accidents.  There were 9 crosses at this intersection.

Looking toward Canyon Ferry Lake

Sho and Saya with fellow adventure cyclists, Roby and Keegan

The rain cloud that moved in

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